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Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 3 Recap: Let’s Talk About the Meredith Problem

[Warning: Spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy season 16, episode 3, “Reunited,” ahead.] Over Grey’s Anatomy’s 16 seasons, Meredith Grey has been fired on several occasions…but this time, it doesn’t seem like she’s coming back—and that’s already becoming a major issue for Grey Sloan Memorial. On Thursday’s new episode, Meredith’s absence from the hospital caused massive problems… Read More »

5 Fun Facts About Hemp

After being needlessly deemed “illegal” by the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 and the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, hemp is finally getting the fair treatment it deserves. The 2018 Farm Bill that was signed into law by President Donald Trump in December 2018 has made the cultivation and production of hemp derivatives legal on… Read More »