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What are the benefits of seaweed?

Seaweed grows in or near salty waters. There are several types, and they generally contain many healthful minerals that are easy for the body to break down. Adding seaweed to the diet may help with thyroid function, digestive health, and weight loss. Types of seaweed include: nori kelp wakame kombu dulse blue-green algae, such as… Read More »

Amazing Benefits of Ginseng For Women

Amazing Benefits of Ginseng For Women Amazing Benefits of Ginseng For Women : Ginseng plant has a lot of health benefits for people of all ages irrespective of gender. Ginseng products are widely known for their health benefits, and it is also associated with helping the treatment of fatal diseases like cancer and diabetes. This herb… Read More »

Benefits of CBD for Epilepsy Faded in One-Third of Patients

NEW ORLEANS — About one-third of patients who used cannabidiol (CBD) to manage treatment-resistant epilepsy developed tolerance to it, researchers from Israel reported here. In a study of 92 children and young adults with treatment-resistant seizures who used cannabis oil extract for an average of 19.8 months, tolerance to CBD emerged in 32.6% of patients,… Read More »